What Should I Look for in Child's Recreation Classes

What Should I Look for in Child's Recreation Classes

What should I look for in recreation classes?

Parents enroll their child in recreation classes so he can pick up new skills and enjoy himself. Sometimes these classes are wellrun and satisfying, but other times they're poorly taught and disappointing. In order to choose classes wisely, try to observe programs before registering, and consider which activities are most appropriate. Then, once class sessions begin, monitor the program, and help your child adjust.

Before you sign up for a class, watch a session taught by the instructor your child will have. Although it may be difficult for you to arrange an observation, it's worth the effort. Many programs and classes sound exciting when described in catalogs and brochures, but turn out to be boring or inadequate. If possible, take your child along so he can let you know if he's interested.

As you watch a class session, ask yourself these questions: How structured is the program? Does it look like fun? Do the children seem to be enjoying themselves? How does the instructor respond to a child who's hesitant about joining the group? Is there unnecessary pressure on children to conform and achieve? Does the teacher seem to nurture creativity? Does she say, "I like the way you did that," rather than, "You can do better than that"? Does she accept a child's limitations? How large is the class? Do children get a chance to show the teacher what they can do? Do they have to spend much time waiting for turns?