What Is the Association Between Zinc and Male Infertility

What Is the Association between Zinc and Male Infertility?

• Zinc ions have antioxidant functions. They prevent free radical– induced damage to the sperm and maintain sperm quality.

• Sufficient zinc ions in semen enhance membrane fluidity and the mobility of sperm. Zinc ions help maintain proper functioning of the prostate gland.


• Zinc. A meta-analysis of 20 research articles investigated the association between zinc and male infertility in 2,600 male infertility patients and 867 healthy individuals. The analysis confirmed that male infertility patients had lower zinc levels in their semen compared to healthy controls. Supplementation with zinc was found to increase ejaculation volume, vitality of sperm, the percentage of normal sperm, and the quality of sperm in the semen significantly.


• Prevention. For men at risk of infertility, take daily 10 mg zinc (20).

• Treatment. For male infertility patients, take daily 20 mg zinc (20).