What Is the Association Between Vitamin E and Heart Attack

What Is the Association between Vitamin E and Heart Attack?

• Vitamin E can quench free radicals and prevent oxidative stress– induced damage to the heart. Vitamin E deficiency weakens the antioxidant defense of endothelial cells against free radicals, increasing the risk of plaque and blood clot formation.

• Vitamin E enhances the blood flow in coronary arteries of the heart and prevents oxidative damage to blood vessels and blood clot formation.

• Vitamin E. A meta-analysis of 16 research articles studied the relationship between vitamin E and heart attack. The doses of vitamin E ranged from 33 to 800 IU daily for 0.5 to 9.4 years. Analysis confirmed that supplementation with vitamin E alone reduced the risk of heart attack. However, this protective effect of vitamin E against heart attack was abolished when vitamin E was taken together with other antioxidants.