What Is the Association Between Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis

What Is the Association between Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis?

• Lack of sun exposure may be linked to the cause of multiple sclerosis. People who live in higher-latitude regions where ultraviolet B from the sun's rays is weak produce less vitamin D from the skin. On the other hand, children with sufficient sun exposure have a lower risk of multiple sclerosis in adulthood. Moderate exposure to ultraviolet B from the sun's rays may prevent multiple sclerosis.

• Maintaining a high blood level of vitamin D alleviates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

• Vitamin D.

Eleven research papers investigated the association between vitamin D and multiple sclerosis in 1,007 multiple sclerosis patients and 829 healthy individuals. The meta-analysis revealed that multiple sclerosis patients had a lower blood level of vitamin D compared to healthy controls.