What Is the Association Between Vitamin D and Hypertension

What Is the Association between Vitamin D and Hypertension?

• People with low blood levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of hypertension. Supplementation with vitamin D lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

• Vitamin D receptors are ubiquitous in the cardiovascular system, including the heart and vessel systems. Vitamin D deficiency leads to cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension.

• Vitamin D. Eighteen research papers investigated the association between vitamin D and hypertension. The meta-analysis confirmed that vitamin D deficiency was correlated with hypertension. High blood levels of vitamin D were found to significantly reduce the risk of hypertension.


• Prevention. For people at risk of hypertension, take daily 200 mg vitamin C (10), 800 IU vitamin D3 (11), 400 mcg vitamin B9 (8), 500 mg potassium (15), 100 mg magnesium (17), and 1 g omega-3 fatty acids (27).

• Treatment. For hypertension patients, take daily 500 mg vitamin C (10), 2,000 IU vitamin D3 (11), 800 mcg vitamin B9 (8), 1,000 mg potassium (15), 200 mg magnesium (17), and 2 g omega-3 fatty acids (27).