What Is the Association Between Vitamin D and Hepatitis C

What Is the Association between Vitamin D and Hepatitis C?

• Vitamin D deficiency is common in chronic hepatitis C patients. The liver is the organ where vitamin D is converted to 25(OH) vitamin D. Hepatitis C patients are unable to produce 25(OH)D, causing vitamin D deficiency.

• Vitamin D reduces hepatic fibrosis, alleviates inflammation, and improves hepatic functions.


• Vitamin D. A meta-analysis of 11 research articles examined the relationship between vitamin D and hepatitis C in 1,575 hepatitis C patients. The result revealed that 71%—or 1,117—of hepatitis C patients had lower blood levels of vitamin D compared to healthy controls.


• Prevention. For people at risk of hepatitis C, take daily 800 IU vitamin D3 (11).

• Treatment. For hepatitis C patients, take daily 2,000 IU vitamin D3 (11).