What Is the Association Between Vitamin D and Eczema

What Is the Association between Vitamin D and Eczema?

• Low blood levels of vitamin D are common in children and adults with eczema. Vitamin D regulates immune functions. Vitamin D deficiency exacerbates bacterial infections in the skin, leading to dermatitis and eczema.

• Supplementation with vitamin D improves the symptoms of eczema.


• Vitamin D. A meta-analysis of nine research articles studied the association between vitamin D and eczema. Analysis has shown that supplementation with vitamin D significantly alleviated the symptoms of eczema. These data confirmed that vitamin D supplements are effective in treating patients with eczema. Recommendation

• Prevention. For people at risk of eczema, take daily 800 IU vitamin D3 (11).

• Treatment. For eczema patients in remission, take daily 1,000 IU vitamin D3 (11).

• Treatment. For eczema patients, take daily 2,000 IU vitamin D3 (11).