What Is the Association Between Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

What Is the Association between Vitamin D and Breast Cancer?

• A low blood level of vitamin D is common in patients with breast cancer. Women with vitamin D deficiency have a higher risk of breast cancer compared to women with normal blood levels of vitamin D.

• High blood levels of vitamin D are associated with lower blood levels of estrogen, thus preventing the growth and proliferation of cancer cells in the breast.

• Sufficient dietary intake of vitamin D alleviates the debilitating symptoms of breast cancer and improves the survival rate of patients.

Vitamin D. A meta-analysis of 30 research articles studied the relationship between vitamin D and breast cancer in 6,092 breast cancer patients. Analysis confirmed that low blood levels of vitamin D meant a decreased survival rate in women with breast cancer.

Can Supplementation with Vitamin D Prevent Breast Cancer? • Clinical studies have shown that supplementation with vitamin D3 at a daily dose of 1,100 IU together with calcium at a daily dose of 1,450 mg for four years decreased the risk of cancers, including breast cancer, by 70% in postmenopausal women.