What Is the Association Between Vitamin C and Hemodialysis

What Is the Association between Vitamin C and Hemodialysis?

• Chronic inflammation is common in hemodialysis patients. Vitamin C can reduce chronic inflammation in hemodialysis patients.

• Vitamin C enhances the body's ability to produce more hemoglobin and red blood cells and alleviates the symptoms of anemia in hemodialysis patients.

• Vitamin C. A meta-analysis of six clinical research articles explored the relationship between vitamin C and hemoglobin content in hemodialysis patients. Analysis confirmed that supplementation with vitamin C significantly raised hemoglobin levels and reduced the necessary dosage of erythropoietin medication in hemodialysis patients.


• Treatment. For hemodialysis patients, take daily 500 mg vitamin C (10), 2,000 IU vitamin D3 (11), and 2 g omega-3 fatty acids (27)