What Is the Association Between Vitamin C and Gout

What Is the Association between Vitamin C and Gout?

• A high blood level of uric acid can lead to gout. Vitamin C lowers the blood level of uric acid and enhances the kidneys' ability to excrete excess uric acid.

• Sufficient dietary intake of vitamin C reduces the risk of gout. Supplementation with vitamin C decreases the incidence rate of gout.


• Vitamin C.

A meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials conducted with 2,082 people studied the relationship between vitamin C and gout. Analysis revealed that vitamin C supplementation at a daily dose of 500 mg significantly lowered blood levels of uric acid as well as the risk of gout. Recommendation

• Prevention. For people at risk of gout, take daily 200 mg vitamin C (10).

• Treatment. For gout patients, take daily 500 mg vitamin C (10).