What Is the Association Between Vitamin C and Glioma

What Is the Association between Vitamin C and Glioma?

• Vitamin C has anticancer properties. It induces apoptosis of glioma cells and prevents the transformation of glial cells to cancerous cells.

• Glioma patients have lower blood levels of vitamin C. Supplementation with vitamin C reduces the incidence rate of glioma in its high-risk group.

• High-dose IV vitamin C therapy has been shown to be effective for treating cancers. High concentrations of vitamin C produce hydrogen peroxide, which can kill cancerous cells in the body. (See chapter 47, "Breast Cancer," for details.)

• Vitamin C.

Fifteen research papers investigated the association between vitamin C and glioma in 3,409 glioma patients. The meta- analysis confirmed that sufficient dietary intake of vitamin C reduced the risk of glioma.