What Is the Association Between Vitamin B9 and Colorectal Cancer

What Is the Association between Vitamin B9 and Colorectal Cancer?

• Vitamin B9 deficiency may increase errors in the synthesis of new DNA by, for instance, using uracil instead of thymine. New DNA containing uracil is unstable and is prone to breakage, leading to gene mutation and cancer formation.

• Sufficient dietary intake of vitamin B9 was shown to decrease the risk of colorectal cancer by 30%. This protecting effect of vitamin B9 against colorectal cancer was diminished in those who excessively consumed alcohol.

Vitamin B9. A meta-analysis of 13 clinical reports conducted with 725,134 participants, including 5,720 colorectal cancer patients, investigated the relationship between vitamin B9 and colorectal cancer. Analysis confirmed that sufficient dietary intake of vitamin B9 decreased the risk of colorectal cancer. Increasing daily intake of vitamin B9 by 100 mcg was shown to significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.