What Is the Association Between Vitamin a and Glioma

What Is the Association between Vitamin A and Glioma?

• Glioma patients have lower blood levels of vitamin A compared to healthy individuals. Vitamin A inhibits the growth and proliferation of glioma cells.

• Vitamin A supports the growth and development of the brain from childhood to adulthood and prevents free radical–induced DNA damage to the neurons. Sufficient dietary intake of vitamin A reduces the risk of glioma.


• Vitamin A. A meta-analysis of seven research articles studied the relationship between vitamin A and glioma in 1,841 glioma patients and 4,123 healthy individuals. The result has shown that sufficient dietary intake of vitamin A lowered the risk of glioma.


• Prevention. For people at risk of glioma, take daily 2,000 IU vitamin A (1) and 200 mg vitamin C (10).

• Treatment. For glioma patients, take daily 5,000 IU vitamin A (1) and 500 mg vitamin C (10).