What Is the Association Between Magnesium and Migraines

What Is the Association between Magnesium and Migraines?

• Magnesium ions prevent the optic nerve from transmitting erroneous messages to the brain that lead to a migraine attack.

• The constriction of blood vessels associated with a migraine attack can be prevented by magnesium ions that relax the constricted blood vessels in the brain. In addition, magnesium ions inhibit the production of glutamate, which is known to aggravate pain during a migraine attack.


• Magnesium. A meta-analysis of 10 clinical research reports studied the association between magnesium supplements and migraines in 789 participants. Analysis confirmed that supplementation with magnesium curtailed the incidence rate of migraines and alleviated pain during migraine attacks.


• Prevention. For people at risk of migraine, take daily 200 mg magnesium (17).

• Treatment. For migraine patients, take daily 400 mg magnesium (17).