What Is the Association Between Magnesium and Heart Attack

What Is the Association between Magnesium and Heart Attack?

• Magnesium ions enhance vasodilatation, alleviate inflammation, and inhibit platelet aggregation.

• Magnesium is an essential element that supports normal electrical physiological functions of the heart. Magnesium deficiency brings on an irregular heartbeat.

• Magnesium. Sixteen research papers investigated the association between magnesium and heart attack in 313,041 participants, including 11,995 cardiovascular disease patients, 7,534 hypoxic heart attack patients, and 2,686 patients who died from hypoxic heart attack. The result has shown that increasing daily intake of magnesium by 200 mg decreased hypoxic heart attack by 22% and other cardiovascular diseases by 11%.


• Prevention. For people at risk of heart attack, take daily 30 IU vitamin E (12) and 100 mg magnesium (17).

• Treatment. For heart attack patients, take daily 100 IU vitamin E (12) and 200 mg magnesium (17).