What Is the Association Between Chromium and Obesity

What Is the Association between Chromium and Obesity?

• Chromium has antioxidant functions. It reduces chronic inflammation in obesity. Chromium also raises insulin sensitivity and increases energy expenditure.

• Obese people have low blood levels of chromium compared to individuals at normal weights. Supplementation with chromium reduces body weight and prevents obesity.

• Chromium. Eleven randomized controlled trials explored the relationship between chromium supplements and obesity. The meta-analysis confirmed that chromium supplementation significantly reduced body weight in obese people. The side effects of chromium supplementation were watery stools and headaches.

Obesity is a chronic disease in which the body stores an excessive amount of fat that causes a multitude of deleterious health effects. Obesity has the highest incidence rate, highest mortality rate, and highest medical expenditure of all diseases and illnesses known to humankind. In the US, 78 million people are obese, which is equivalent to almost one-third of the adult population. Obesity can lead to heart attack, stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, as well as a shortened life-span.