What Drugs Does Zinc Interact With

What Drugs Does Zinc Interact With

What Types of Drugs May Interact with Zinc?

• Antibiotics, such as tetracycline, may negatively affect the absorption of zinc by the intestines.

• Metal chelation agents that treat copper or iron overload may reduce the absorption of zinc in the intestines.

• Anticonvulsants can lead to zinc deficiency.

• Diuretics can increase the renal excretion of zinc in the urine.

Safety Issues

• Side effects. The lone side effect of zinc supplements is rare, but it may bring about stomach discomfort.

• Copper. Long-term supplementation with zinc may lead to copper deficiency. Excessive zinc levels, combined with copper deficiency, hamper the immune system and lead to anemia and cardiac malfunction. Taking more than the daily upper limit of 40 mg is not recommended.

• HDL. Long-term supplementation with zinc at doses greater than 100 mg daily may decrease "good" cholesterol (HDL) and increase the risk of prostate cancer.