What Are the Ways to Deal with Your Hatred

The first thing that you need to do is to find a quiet and peaceful place. And, you really don't have to go out of town, go to beaches or where, you can just stay in your room or find a good area to sit in the middle of your garden.

If you choose your room, close the windows and turn off your television and all your gadgets. Make sure that no noise of any sort can get in. Lie down on your bed and close your eyes for about 30 seconds and take a deep breath. Do these until you feel good. Then, think of the things or persons you hate. Identify the reasons why you hate them. Why don't you like them? What did they do to you directly or indirectly? Most of the time, we tend to feel hate when something happens that destroy us; that which affects our reputation; that moment when we feel threatened and what we do is not enough to stop that event or person from continuing to make us feel bad. We get frustrated and later on it turns to hatred. And, the only way that we can eliminate this feeling is to forgive those whom we see as threats. But, for this us be able to forgive, again, we need to know the reasons behind what happened. Next, we have to consider other alternatives to solve our problem or concern and if we do it and then we fail, we must have that willingness to accept it and don't give up. Just stay positive and hope for the best always.

At times, it is also a big help to talk to the persons we hate. We have to bond with them so we are able to create that connection we are looking for; that relation that is not destroyed by any unwanted events or behavior easily. It is when we communicate that we gather details about the person and understand why he or she acted that way. So that hate in your heart will turn to sympathy and then, you will soon realize that instead of disliking him or her, you two should work together for the betterment.

And sometimes, our hate starts from jealousy. So we have to control ourselves and learn to accept who we are and our limitations because again, we can't have everything but we can do to something for improvement.