What Are the Risk Factors for Glioma

What Are the Risk Factors for Glioma?

• Age. Glioma can affect any age group. It is the second-most common cancer in children aged 0–19 (blood cancers are the first). In adults, the average age at which one is afflicted with glioma is 59.

• Family and genetics. Genes are linked to glioma. Mutations of EGRF and PDGF genes and tumor suppressor genes—such as PTEN, RB1, and TP53—have been associated with the formation and growth of glioma.

• Radiation. Cancer patients who receive radiation therapy have an increased risk of glioma. Radiation therapy, particularly via X-ray, induces a surge of free radicals that can kill cancerous cells but also damage the DNA of normal brain cells, increasing the risk of glioma.