The Richest Food Sources of Copper Are

The Richest Food Sources of Copper Are

Which Food Items Are Copper Rich?

Many animal- and plant-based foods contain copper, including animals' internal organs, shellfish, nuts, and seeds. Oats and whole wheat are also good sources of copper.

Prevention and Treatment of Diseases

• Prevention. Meta-analysis confirms that copper can help prevent respiratory infection (101), osteoporosis (94), and vitiligo (111).

• Treatment. Meta-analysis confirms that copper can help treat respiratory infection (101) and osteoporosis (94).

Copper Supplements

• Dosage and types. Major copper supplements are copper gluconate, copper picolinate, and copper sulfate. The most common dosages of copper supplements are 1–3 mg.

• Zinc and copper. Supplementation with zinc may trigger the loss of copper in the body. Therefore, supplements containing both zinc and copper are common in the marketplace. Typically, the ratio of zinc to copper is 10 to 1 in these supplements (e.g., 10 mg of zinc with 1 mg of copper).

• Vitamin C. People who take iron and vitamin C supplements also need to supplement with copper to avoid copper insufficiency. Take these supplements at least two hours apart.

• Bone density. Supplementation with copper can prevent bone loss. Randomized clinical trials have shown that a daily dose of 3 mg thwarted the loss of bone density in postmenopausal women.