Productivity Hacks You Must Do at the End of Every Day

The end of the day is usually where people are most unproductive. When minds are not working well and the energy has all been spent, the attention span is limited. The start of the work day is usually where people are most productive. However, the start of the day is usually where people are still recuperating from the previous day's work load. If people can just complete all of their work at the end of the day, then they do not have to worry about uncompleted tasks.

Consider extending 30 minutes of your time at the office. Do mundane tasks to keep you up to date on your boss's requests. You need to respond to emails within the given amount of time. You need to just reply work emails and concentrate on doing that. Do not be distracted by that video of a cat playing with the dog. Read and respond to emails before you leave your desk.

Another tip is to turn your chat messages off because they can invade your end of the day preparation. You should be aware of your social media and keep it to a minimum. When you leave for work, shutting down your computer gives you a brand new start for the next day. You do not have to worry about the report that you didn't finish rewriting or some argument on Facebook. Make it a habit to always start fresh.

Make a brain dump in the office. Do not think about any checklist, and to do list that needs to be finished. If possible, do not bring work at home. Put everything on project management software and do the important activities the next day.

It is always important to plan what you need to do for the next day. You need to plan what you are going to do the day before. List down everything and make sure that the most important thing is on the top of your list.