Productivity Hacks for Business Travel

Productivity Hacks for Business Travel

If you want to maximize your productivity, you need to remove annoying distractions in different areas. You want to work without frustrations and complications while traveling. If there are annoyances everywhere, you will not be able to achieve that. If you do not have the amenities that your work office can give you, here are some tips that will make your business travel a lot easier.

You need to always stay connected. You do not have to rely on your hotel's WIFI. There are a lot of cellular service providers that can give you personal WIFI hotspots. They are affordable, especially their corporate plans. Your IT department can possibly help you with this. Next time you are traveling, ask them for a hotspot. You can also make your smartphone be the WIFI for all your gadgets using tether.

Bring your Files with You. You do not have to carry a file cabinet to bring your files. You can rely on a hard drive that has all the files that you need. You do not have to log in to VPN and rely on your WIFI to open an email. Just make sure that all the files in your hard drive are organized. You can work on a project even if you are offline with this method.

Bring a Power Bank. You might have a WIFI and your files with you, but if you do not have power to bring your cell phone, tablet or laptop back to life, you will not be able to work. Thus, lessening your chance to be productive. You need to have a power bank with you wherever you go. Make sure that your power bank is also charged. If you don't have this very important device with you, you might just end up charging at an outlet at the corner of an airport.

Be Productive in your Own Way. You can make your hotel room a place where you can be productive. You can move your furniture and rearrange the tables to suit to your liking. For lighting, you can open the blinds and the curtains to allow more light to enter your room. Just do not forget to put the furniture back to its place.

You can be productive anywhere just as long as you take necessary items with you on your business trip.