How to Stop Being a Coward

Think of what you have accomplished so far in life.

What are the things you are proud of whether at home, school or at the office? You certainly must have achieved a few awesome milestones. List all of them and think how you did it. You are an amazing person. You certainly have what it takes to make it to the top wherever you go. Just give it your best shot and never give up. You have the skill and the expertise. You just need to nurture this skill and never stop learning from new challenges.

Know and understand what the challenge is about.

You will definitely be swayed easily by bad comments or gossips if you lack knowledge about the task. You will not be confident to say, "Hey! Of course, I do." So ask about the responsibilities required by the position, for instance. Conduct a research for each responsibility just to make sure that you understand them a hundred percent. The moment you are convinced that you can do it and you certainly have the resources to make them happen, negative or bad comments will not affect you. This is because you know in your heart and mind that you can do it.

Expose your qualifications for the task.

Sometimes people will not believe in you unless they see evidences of how good you are or how perfect you are for the position. So it is good to have a list of your awards, recognitions and accomplishment. In your Facebook or any social media accounts or your website, feature these qualifications so they'll see. Another way is when you speak in front of people regarding something, always relate it to one of your past experiences and how you successfully handled it and even got recognized. This way, they will have nothing to say because they saw it with their two eyes. Just expect that whenever you accept a challenge, you will certainly have many followers.

Show what you can do.

Once, you got their approval, it is now time for you to do the challenge and clear all their doubts a hundred percent. But before you proceed, make sure that you already know the ways of the challenge. This way, no matter what happens, you surely have a way towards success. You can expect that people who are against you will make plans to mess it up, but since you are wellequipped with everything, nothing or no one can stop from getting to the top and shine. You can do it. Believe in your heart. Believe in your ability. You have already proven it many times in your life. And this time, you certainly can.

Accept whatever happens.

Being positive does not do away the ability to accept the consequences of your action whether it is bad or good. You need to prepare yourself always. What is important is that you give your best.