How to Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Remember how it felt right to treat your child to a wonderful meal or perhaps buy a toy he has always wanted after he brings home some good grades? That's the same feeling you should also look forward to so you can be a little more motivated about your goal.

There's no denying that almost everyone gets an extra push when he or she knows that an incentive or reward can be obtained at the end of the road. This is how companies encourage their clients to hit targets. Incentives can come in many different forms such as cash rewards or even vacation packages, gift certificates, recognition, and many more.

You can implement the same motivation in your personal goal setting. Besides, you deserve a prize for all your hard work and effort.

Celebrating Benchmarks

Actually, you do not have to reach the finish line before you can give yourself a reward. You can consider celebrating benchmarks along the way. Reached the remarkable milestone of exercising daily for 2 months? You deserve a big pat on the back.

Go watch a movie or catch your favorite band's concert when they are in town. Another idea you may like is to pay a visit to your local spa center so you can relax. If you are a music lover, you might want to purchase new songs for your MP3 player. Or how about picking up that new book from your favorite author? Getting a makeover from the top salon in your area can be a fun thing, too.

These are simple things that will make you associate positive feelings with the concept of achieving something. As a result, you will feel more excited to work towards the next benchmarks until, little by little, you move closer and closer to your grand goal.

More Reward Ideas

If you do decide to implement this in your goal-setting process, it is important that your chosen reward should match the level of your benchmark. This will prompt you to be more consistent with your efforts. Also, the prize should be personally meaningful and attractive.

You can even involve others if you think it would be effective for you. One gym goer made a different strategy, promising his gym buddy that he will buy a new pair of gym shoes for him if he fails to show up on time for the entire month. This seemed like a simple challenge but it helped the former stick with his goals so that he can avoid purchasing shoes for the latter.

Of course, if you had your goals written down in the first place, then the feeling of being able to check or cross off an item from your list will be a reward in itself. You will feel good about yourself as you confirm the fact that you are indeed an achiever. You can say that all the blood, sweat, and tears are very much worth it.

By then, you will understand and appreciate these wise words from Logan Pearsall Smith who said "There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second."