How to Reshape a Sweater

How to Reshape a Sweater

1 After washing, gently remove excess water by squeezing the sweater in an absorbent towel and laying it out flat on a new, dry towel (or two, if needed, to accommodate your sweater with both arms extended), spread out on a waterproof surface, such as a plastic-topped card table, or net drying rack.

2 With very gentle stretching and manipulation, arrange the sweater into its original shape. Gently push the ribbing together at the neckband, wristbands, and waistband. Fasten all zippers or buttons. If there is a tab collar, fold it into place. Dry a removable belt separately and spread out an attached belt to its full length.

3 Allow the sweater to dry for a full day and night.

4 Switch out the old towels for new, dry ones. Flip your sweater over and arrange it into shape, and allow it to dry for another 24 hours.

5 If the sweater is still damp, replace the towels and shape it again.

6 Once your sweater is bone dry, without a hint of dampness, fold and store it.