How to Overcome Uncertainty

Controlling your fears is hard. Controlling the inexplicable and hoping to do something about it makes people uneasy. Vulnerable positions are so unpleasant that many people try to avoid it. They develop defense mechanisms to shield us from the emotional risks. The sad part about this is the chance of happiness is being affected.

There are 5 ways in which people hide uncertainty:

Refusal to Fail

Everyone who tries will fail. It can be once, twice, thrice or a hundred times. No matter how long the process of getting what you want is, that is alright. You will learn the needed lessons every time you fail. However, if you avoid uncertainty and emotional risk, you will not be able to get your project going. You will always stand on the sidelines because you are afraid of failing. Take risks and embrace failure. Stand up, tweak your project and move forward.

Over plan

When people over plan, they become too rigid, too specific and practical to be applied to their current situation. They think that by over planning they will be able to cover all the areas needed. However, our emotions kick in and we experience anxiety. Planning is good but concrete plans are often useless. Do what is best in the current situation and do not stick to a rigid plan.

Avoid Hard Choices

Avoiding hard decisions increases emotional risks because failure can easily knock on your door any moment. But you need to focus on your best action. If you don't make hard choices and focus, you will never accomplish anything and you are more likely fail in art, business or other careers.

Clinging to Ideas

It is scary to think about not having a map to what is right and wrong, future and the risks that entails with it. People want to run away from these things. However, these people find politicians, religious leaders and speakers who like to provide the "answer". If you are not wise enough, you might end up believing what they are saying and put their answers to the situations that you are currently experiencing. Natural curiosity will be lost when certainty is replaced. In effect, true understanding will not be achieved.

Pretending to be Invincible

Many people have experienced success some time in their life. There are extraordinary things that they are proud of and have endured real difficulties. Even though these achievements are one for the books, it is tempting to cling to those old successes and construct an invincible self-image. People do this not only to impress other people but also to convince themselves that they are ready to do the task. This can be a good thing at times but when things have gone too far, the "invincible self can obscure real questions, real doubts and opportunities.