How to Overcome Sadness in Life

Why are you sad?

The first thing you do to deal, overcome or counter it is to know the reason behind it. What is that something that makes you sad? Be specific. It is even better if you can write in a piece of paper not in your computer or any gadget. Write it the traditional way so you can really feel the emotion passing through the pen towards to each of the letters; so that you can really feel the effort and connect with it. Start with the letter "I". For instance, "I am sad because some of my friends are talking behind my back." This style lets you really feel and connect with what you are writing. "I" as a letter and word is very personal that's why it is very effective when used in writings. Don't just go ahead with the word "because". If you can name the person, then do it. Identifying the person or the situation can help you have that peace of mind; it's somewhat a decluttering method.

What can you do?

Now that you have identified the reasons, the next step is to find solutions. Going back to the first example, you're sad because your friends are talking behind your back. Your first move here is to determine who these friends are. Identify all of them, all those whom you think are involved. Once you are satisfied with your list, think of the ways on how you can talk to each of them. You can consider walking with them towards the office, riding the elevator with them, or eating snacks or drinking coffee with them during break time. When you talk to them, spot where the problem is by taking note of their words, their ideas, the way they speak about things. You will be able to sense, for instance that the person talks so negative or the person likes to backbiting. The moment you are able to understand the person, bring him or her into a situation where he or she can experience the feeling of being the talk of the place. And, when she is affected, go to him or her and explain that it is not easy to be subjected to suck situation that is why he or she should stop this behavior. We have to do this because most people will not understand what we mean unless they have a personal encounter.

What kind of change?

Just like the sanguine people, learn to have that happy and positive personality. Do not be afraid to smile or to laugh. However, make sure that you do this properly. Laugh when there is something to laugh, and so on. Do not be sad. Put in your mind that problems, worries and the like have solutions. And, if the solutions do not happen today, they will surely come or happen in the very near future. So keep that joy in your heart and let it out. Learn to smile with all the people around you. Say "hi" or "hello". You will be surprised to have many friends after and become more beautiful in the eyes of many.