How to Overcome Discouragement

How to Overcome Discouragement

First, ask yourself. Why are you discouraged? What did you expect from the person or from the situation that did not happen? It is critical that you are able to answer these questions as they are the basis of the solutions to your discouragement. And, you have to remember that setting standards are normal. However, if what you've set is too high or too low, there the problem comes into place. This is because finding a compromise is difficult heightened by all the different things running through your head.

Second, give yourself a break. By this, what it means is that you take enough time to things over. You just need a quiet space to analyze what happened. When you brainstorm, think of the possible reasons why the person acted in such way or why the situation turned out like that. List all the possibilities and consider each. You can start looking through the history or the background and then relate it to the result. Can you find a connection? Try to connect them and slowly you'll begin to realize the light of the event.

Third, take three of the most connected scenarios and focus on them. Imagine yourself in the situation. Do you think you'll get the same result? Do you think what happened is fair or what the circumstance requires? When doing this, try to align your mind to the positive side. Consider the positive reasons and possibilities only. Is each of the scenarios justifiable based on the majority's standards too? Again, when deciding with the answer, always go the positive way. Instead of thinking that the actions happened to destroy you, think that they happened to your benefit; that it is the best for you.

Fourth, talk to the person involved; the one who uttered the negative statements in front of you. Know why he or she talked that way. What is his or her performance so far at work for instance? Is there someone that he or she hates or despises in the office? What is his or her educational and personal background? This is because sometimes, the sender of the negativity is actually struggling with his or her efficiency or productivity; that he or she has got a lot of reprimands and notices for bad performance; that he or she lacks support from his or her family and so on. And when you consider all of these factors, you will be able to understand the person and the situation. It will be easier for you to move on and hope for a new chance.

Fifth, go home to where your family is. Sometimes, we are too busy living our own lives that we fail to connect with our loved ones especially our parents. When we feel down and discouraged, they can give us hope. They can be our source of strength to align ourselves to the positive and right path.