How to Manage Your Time Effectively

How to Manage Your Time Effectively

The ultimate way to battle procrastination is effective time management. Knowing how much work you have to accomplish in a day and determining how much time you would consume for each will help you achieve your goals. Learning to control your time is a little bit challenging, but consistent practice makes activities more doable.

Don't Procrastinate Sleep

You'd hear somebody saying, "Eight hours of sleep is an ultimate wish." Many of us are sleep-deprived. Night owls stay up all night and could hardly jump out of bed early in the morning. Why do we really tend to stay up all night? Well, we believe that the best thing you can do to show that you're dedicated to your task is to burn the candle at both ends. You go to bed at 3:00 am, which makes everything messed up. Did you know that the day offers plenty of hours to accomplish your work? You only need to wake up and start early. This way you can go to bed at a decent hour, and even have some quiet time to reflect on the kind of day you had. We all know that a good sleep makes us healthier, helps us become more analytical and focused, keeps our memory sharp, and gives our face a younger aura. So remember, the time allotted for sleep shouldn't be allotted for work and vice versa.

Find Time to Exercise

Want to work faster? Why not exercise? A regular exercise routine increases your energy and strength. It boosts mental health too, so you'll be able to think more accurately and faster. Exercise is one of the best methods to release stress. Thus, if there's a big project coming up, run or walk a few rounds early in the morning to relax yourself and be able to work with lesser tension.

Make a to-do List with Corresponding Rewards

If you find making a to-do list (a bit scary itself), why not think of rewards you can give yourself after finishing all the tasks listed? Won't it be fun? Simple things will surely be exciting such as, watch your favorite movie, a walk in the park, cookies and lemonade, yummy milkshakes, play your favorite sport, watch a TV show, and many more! The secret is to be creative. List at least three to five rewards you can give yourself after finishing all the tasks. One mission fail, minus one reward. Awesome deal, right? Great! You're on!

Stick to your Plan

Sometimes you have to say no, even that's the most heartbreaking thing to do. Agreeing to almost every appointment and favors will increase the odds of developing procrastination habits. Put it this way: You're in the middle of intensive review for a Math exam and your friend suddenly invites you to a party. Of course the party is not pre-planned in your schedule. Do you have to ruin your schedule for that? It will be wise to say no. If you'll attend the party, what will happen next? You'd likely cram and tire yourself, then fail your exam. Productivity starts with discipline, so learn how to stick to your plan.

Procrastinators often regret their habit at the end. They say things like, "I should've started this earlier." But your ‘what ifs' and ‘whatnots' won't change a thing. So start studying the course time management major in battling against procrastination. You'll have a better outlook, better mood, and better life.