How to make Pistachio Protein Bars at home

How to make Pistachio Protein Bars at home

How to make Pistachio Protein Bar at home

Pistachios and white chocolate make this protein rich bar an exotic and unique treat.

You shall need:

Protein base

Vanilla protein powder 8 tbsp

Peanuts (ground) 8 tbsp

Coconut flour 1 tbs

Almond milk 40 ml

Pistachio layer

Vanilla protein powder 2 tbsp

Pistachios (ground)3-4 tbsp

Few drops of water


40 g Unsweetened white chocolate


For the base

Line an 8x8 tray with wax paper.

Take a medium bowl and combine coconut flour, protein powder and ground peanuts. Add the almond milk slowly so that the base doesn't become runny.

Pour the mixture into the tray and place in the refrigerator.

For the middle layer

Combine ground pistachios with protein powder and add few drops of water to make a fudge like paste.

Layer it over the base once the base is firm enough.

Cut the slices.


Take a pot of boiling water and place white chocolate in a container over it, without the container touching the water. (Or use a chocolate melter).

Pour this melted chocolate over the bars or even dip them for a more thorough coating.

Additional Notes:

Makes six servings

Carbs per serving: 6 g