How to make Mocha Protein Bars at home

How to make Mocha Protein Bars at home

Mocha Protein Bars

If you love coffee and chocolate, this will work wonders for you!

You shall need:

Vanilla protein powder 3 scoops (90g)

Rolled Oats ½ cup (50g)

Cocoa powder (unsweetened) ½ cup (40g)

Cold coffee 1 cup (240mL)

Truvia 2 tbsp (28g)

Steps :

Take an 8x8 pan and line it with wax paper. Set aside for later use.

In a mixing bowl, combine the protein powder, cocoa powder,

oats, and sweetener and cold coffee. Mix until homogeneous.

Pour the mixture into the lined pan and flatten with a spatula.

Place in freezer till it is firm enough and cut into bars.

Additional Notes:

For an extra tinge of coffee, you can use double strength coffee.

Served best out of the refrigerator.

Makes 6 bars

Carbs per serving : 10.5 g / 4%