How to Make a Sandwich Step by Step

How to Make a Sandwich Step by Step

Portable and tidy, with rich layers of meat, vegetables, and condiments tucked between slices of bread, the beloved sandwich allows the hungry to eat a quick and tasty, nutritious meal-in-one without the fuss of cutlery—anytime, anyplace.

1 Choose your bread. In general, consider sturdier or toasted breads for wet or saucy fillings, and softer breads when the contents are sturdy and harder to chew. For example, never put a Sloppy Joe on thin, white sandwich bread—it will soak through and get too sloppy. Conversely, for thick slices of roast beef, piled high with lettuce, tomato, and Russian dressing, a softer bread such as packaged sliced rye or white makes the sandwich easier to bite into.

2 If you want to, lightly toast the bread. For a wetter sandwich with juicy fillings such as tomatoes or dressing, or a very moist tuna salad, toasting keeps the finished sandwich from falling apart.

3 Spread something tasty on the bread. Down South, practically every sandwich gets spread with an ultrathin layer of butter. This delicious coating of fat serves as a barrier to lock in juicy fillings and kept the bread from drying out during hot summer picnics. I still love butter on a ham sandwich, but I've spread the love to other toppings, too.

4 Fill your sandwich. The range is almost overwhelmingly broad here—practically anything you can slap on bread fits the bill. See Types of Fillings to get you started.

5 Enjoy your sandwich. Open-faced, triple-decker, cut into triangles, hot or cold—layer up and customize however you like. Creativity is most definitely rewarded.