How to Make a Phone Call When Baby Beside

How to Make a Phone Call When Baby Beside

How to make a phone call when baby is beside

What should I do when my child interrupts my phone calls because he wants to talk too?

Your child is fascinated by the phone not only because you use it, but also because it has a magical quality. It's both tool and toy, and it lets your child share his thoughts with other people, something children like to do. If you're having a conversation, your young child will interrupt because he can't easily hold on to his thoughts. Be patient when he interrupts. This behavior is to be expected at these young ages. Don't say, "Can't you see I'm on the phone!"

Developmentally, young children can't consider their needs and someone else's needs at the same time. It's much easier to ask an adult to hold on than it is to ask a child to wait to be heard. If you worry that tending to your child during these interruptions will lead to a lack of manners, it won't. When you respond to these moments with politeness towards your child, he'll (gradually) learn to treat others politely. If he's ignored or yelled at, he'll learn to treat others in that way.

You might be frustrated when your child wants to talk, especially when you're on an important call. Your child might continuously say, "I want to talk," which can be embarrassing. If your child is too disruptive, you might have to end an important call, hoping the person on the other end will be understanding. Although you can gradually teach your five-year-old not to interrupt important calls, explanations do little good with younger, egocentric children. You can try distracting by offering toys or food, but don't be surprised if the interruptions continue.

One way you can accommodate your child's desire to answer the phone is to ask relatives or friends to call at prearranged times; then you can safely let your child answer and talk. If you're having a phone conversation with the parent of a child the same age as yours, ask if your child can talk for a few moments. Remind yourself when you need to that most callers are tolerant and understand a young child's interest in answering or talking on the phone.