How to Love What You Do

Are you dissatisfied with what you have? It may be a job or a career. If you want to escape this kind of thinking, read on. This list will show you how to incorporate what you love to do in the workplace.

Analyze Your Job

Think about your job and what you love about it. What do you hate about it? Think about the hours that you put in, work environment, salary or if it's either a group work or individual effort.

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself what you want. Leave your monetary concerns and practicality behind. Chances are you will reach an unrealistic answer. It is ok if your answer is a bit over the top. The important thing is it can help you identify what your ideal job is like and the characteristics that it possesses. For example, if you like to be a meteorologist, it can mean that you like to work with discovery and science. Your career should help fulfill your dreams and not someone else's.

Work on Side Projects

On your down time, take on projects that you are passionate about. Try doing small projects and see how it goes from there. You can be a freelance writer or set up an online store. Your day job can still pay your bills while you see if there is a future with the projects that you are doing.

Create a List

Creating a list can help you determine what you really want to do. Note down your skills and interest. Include as many as possible. Even if you think that it is irrelevant, write it down. When you see everything front of you in a piece of paper, it can help you be enlightened.


You don't really have to make big bucks on your hobbies right away. You can volunteer your time and effort to your passion. If you love animals, you can volunteer at a local animal shelter. If you like writing, you can volunteer to write an editorial piece for a non-profit organization.

Keep in Mind the Importance of Money

Reality wise, money is important. You cannot be a starving artist and support your family. When you have found what you like to do, think about how to make a living out of it. Keep your financial matters in check when you need to compromise.