How to Keep My Baby Safe

How to Keep My Baby Safe

How can I keep my child safe when he wants to explore?

It's certainly true that your child needs limits, but he also needs you to be understanding and patient with him. He'll probably be more 

cooperative if you show him what he wants to see and if you let him touch or explore (considering his safety) what he's interested in. 

He'll also inevitably learn his limitations because there are dangerous and valuable objects that can't be put away: a fireplace, lamps, a TV, a stereo. There's no need to intentionally leave out other forbidden things, just as there's no need to automatically declare all cabinets or things in your living room off-limits.

If your child has an interest in the dishwasher, for instance, you can put some spoons and plastic dishes and cups inside, within his reach, and let him occasionally practice taking them out and putting them back. Likewise, if you put some healthy snacks on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, your child will probably feel satisfied helping himself to them without feeling a need to touch everything else in the refrigerator. If you're firm about not letting your child handle a few items, but otherwise allow him freedom to touch, you and your child will not be overly frustrated during this developmental stage. The more freedom he has, the more likely he'll be to listen when you tell him not to touch. Once you've fully childproofed your home, limiting the number of objects your child may not touch, you won't feel tense when he explores. However, expect to keep reminding him of his limits; he can't remember them well at this age, and his urge to touch is so strong that he may not be able to stop himself.