How to Increases Your Productivity at Work

How to Increases Your Productivity at Work

Your productivity in the office increases when you do simple tweaks and tricks to change how you work.

Change the Brightness of Your monitor to Lessen Eye Strain

Eye strain is detrimental to those people who spend most of their time working in front of their computer. Office workers can relate to this problem. Too much light can exhaust your eyes up to the point where your brain gets tired. Even if the light is artificial or natural, it needs to be decreased.

Boost your Typing Accuracy by Making Yourself Comfortable

Make yourself comfortable by adjusting the lighting and temperature in your work place. You will be able to focus on your work instead of trembling due to uncomfortable cold temperatures. Of course, if you have are in an office that is extremely warm, you will only focus on the temperature and not on what you are supposed to be doing. If you cannot turn the temperature down or up depending upon what makes you cozy, do your own adjustments. Bring a sweater or a fan.

Use a Browser Add-on to Avoid Wasting Time

There are software that will help you limit the time you spend on certain social media websites. You can either download them or put them as browser add-ons. It is very helpful, especially if you spend too much time checking out websites that are unrelated to work. There are times when self-control isn't just going to cut it and you need help from outside sources.

Disable Social Media Accounts during Important Working Hours

Many people cannot do self-control especially when it comes to social media. If you are one of these people, disabling your social media accounts would be a great idea. You will not be tempted to look at a status that your friend shared or check out pictures from your Instagram. Do not risk wasting time during these hours because this is when your company needs you the most. You can always check them after work if you want.

Energize by Sleeping for a While

Everyone can benefit from napping, not just kindergartens. Being productive also means resting your brain for a while to energize you for the task ahead. A short nap can help you focus. Remember, do not sleep too long because your body might feel sluggish afterwards.

It also cannot hurt if you look at animal pictures that are adorable and cute. According to Hiroshima University, looking at these pictures will increase your concentration by about 44%. The results show that these images improve dexterity and reduce stress because of the positive feeling that they bring out.