How to Go Shopping a Child Who’s Learning to Walk

Is it frustrating to go places with a child who's learning to walk?

The more your toddler walks, the less he'll want to use his stroller, which can cause problems when you're in a hurry or when you're going far. If you're in a shopping center and want to encourage him to stay in his stroller, try distracting him with food or a toy. If this doesn't work, try to find an uncrowded spot where he can walk for a little while without bumping into people. Often, he'll want to push the stroller himself, and in a crowd this can cause quite a fuss. If you let him push for a little while, he may be more agreeable when you place him back in his stroller.

Although his slowness and desire to practice his new skill may temporarily frustrate you, you'll enjoy his excitement and independence. And you may be surprised to see that once he masters walking, he'll be just as likely to run as to walk.