How to Deal with Stressful Thoughts

People experience stress all the time. The important thing is how to deal with it. Stress can increase and decrease over time depending on how one manages it. It can be euphoric if there is a way to deal with everyday stress.

Here are 6 stressful thoughts that can nag humans and how to deal with them:

Being late again is a very stressful thought especially when it comes to work. Your boss will grill you and you do not want to be confronted about being late. Even if you wake up early, there will be times when certain situations can affect your day to day travel. What you can do is to recognize what happened and explain it to your boss calmly.

Thinking about not doing something can be stressful. There are regrets that will follow and can occupy your time. What you can do in this situation is acknowledge that past is past. You cannot bring back anything but you can learn from it. Instead of feeling anxious or stressed out, try embracing the mistake that you made and apply what you have learned when you encounter the same thing. The choice of creating the mistake has already been done and all you can do is move forward.

Many people hate the fact that they have messy houses. Instead of stressing about it, just clean it up when you have time or as soon as all of your to-do things are finished.

There are times when people forgot their wallet, car key, watch, etc. Looking for them is hard and it is scary. If it is somehow lost, you will not be able to access your house or car. You want to stop feeling the way you do and you just want to find them. The best thing to do in this situation is to trace back your step. What did you do and where did you go? To avoid this incident from happening again, hang your keys in your wallet or put it on top of a table. Do whatever works for you and create a system.

If you are regretting what you bought and you want something else, sell it or return it. Buy the thing that you want afterwards.

Is there a time when you feel that you are not good at anything? It can be anxiety related but still a stressful thought. What you can do when this situation arises is just to push the thought way. Do not pay any attention to it. Repeat affirmation thoughts such as you are beautiful or you are good at __________.

Banish Negative Thoughts out of your Mind

Many people think about resolutions as a way to start anew. They want to change the things that are not good about themselves. However, some of them do not know how to make it last. They can start fresh and excited, dive down, dive up, feel useless and give up.

Reflecting on your targets should make you feel good and not sick afterwards. You need to help yourself by putting motivating thoughts and not creating obstacles. What you think about yourself shapes the end result.


You are not doing anything productive or anything closely remote to achieving your goals. Because your goals as hard as it is, you are also giving yourself a hard time. You feel like quitting even though you haven't even started. Your own thoughts are making it hard for you to begin.

What seemed possible is giving you a hard time now. Just thinking about your goals makes you feel afraid. You just want to give up and forget your goals.

Now your mind is tricking you that not accomplishing your goals is ok.Thinking about something hard to do scares you. You just want to go back instead of doing it.

Doing something new and taking it to the next level is pushing your brains out of your heard. You want it but the thought of changing is not settling in well with you.

Changing your Mind

Changing your mind and how you look at things is important. Positive thinking happens. However, if you doubt yourself and let negativity take over, you will never finish what you have started.

Once you start focusing on positive thoughts, everything will become easier.

Issues that were once hard to accomplished are now covered with creative solutions. You do not need to change a lot of things. You just need to change your mind. You will be able to see loopholes and conquer the present obstacles.

Push away Negative Thoughts

Attack something negative with a positive thought. If you think about the 50% chance that you will screw up, also think about the 50% chance that you succeed.

Respond the negative thoughts with answers that can be in your favour.


Convert what your thoughts show and remind yourself of the things that you can do. Recite them on a schedule. It is a form of a pep talk so that you can push through with your projects.

Soon you will not need it and you will just act on it.

Stay positive and confident so that your motivation will follow you around even if you scary thoughts enter your mind.