How to Deal with Negative Scenarios in the Workplace

Among the many places where negativity is high, the workplace stands out from the rest, with the most number of negativity incidence compared with schools for instance. Personal goals and company culture seem to clash oftentimes that many workers decide to resign or go AWOL. Now, because of this, we will be tackling with the ways on how to deal with a few of the most common negative scenarios that occur in offices or in corporate environments.

Immature Bosses

When it comes to maturity, one thing is sure, that is, it cannot be measured through a person's age. Somewhere along the way, you will meet people who are too young like in grade school who already have this serious and mature approach towards life. On the other hand, you will meet those who are already grown up like adults but are so immature and in your case, your boss. But, why do you say he or she is immature? We have to draw a difference between maturity as his or her role as your boss against his or her personal life. With regard to the former, the best thing that you can do is to confront him or her. Introduce yourself and your experiences in life. Tell him or her about the immature acts he or she has shown so far and why you think so. Always relate your explanation to your personal life. Share to him or her all the lessons you've learned and how important they are. Let him or her see the light of every detail and recommendation you give. This way you two will have a chance to build a relationship as employees of the company and settle differences so that disputes at the workplace can be avoided.


There are many reasons why a manager, for instance, favors one employee over the others. And, as one of those who have been affected, you have to explore these reasons so you understand and avoid giving wrong impressions or judgments. One of the possible reasons is that your boss had been instructed by the people higher than him or her in the company to do what he or she did. Understand that he or she is not your only bosses. It is the company's management that who is the real boss, the ultimate source of the voice. It might be that he or she is against of what was done but there's nothing that he or she can do. She might get terminated or demoted if she does otherwise. And if your boss has a family to support, he or she can't possibly take a risk unless he or she has the support of the many. Another reason is that your superior might have a personal relationship with the employee promoted, for example. Conduct a research about his or her family background and love life. Usually, bosses have an intimate relationship with their employees so it's hard for them to say no.

Extremely Competitive Co-Workers

In every workplace, it is normal to have those extremely competitive officemates. They are those employees who are willing to do everything just to be promoted or to gain recognitions from the company. They are the types who are very much willing to risk anything including their own dignity. This is one of the reasons why some workers who are desperate enough decide to flirt with their bosses. There are some who spread gossips about you just to destroy your reputation and prevent the company to give you recognitions. Others bully you so you feel down. Whichever happens, it is important that you maintain your professionalism. No matter how painful it is, always go for the solutions that are in accord with the company's policy. Check out your company's handbook and review the rules. Once you have specific basis of your complaints, talk to your manager about it and if he or she doesn't make appropriate solutions, then it is time for you to go to the higher management and ask help. Do not be afraid. So that you can have someone to explain to you whatever legalities that might be involved, get a private or public lawyer.

Passive Employees

If you are the type who faithfully complies with all the rules and regulations of the company and you see people who are bluntly violating them even in front of you, but the management is doing nothing about it, you can be very frustrated. And if you do not know how to handle what you feel, this might lead to negative anger and depression, which can affect your efficiency and productivity at work. You know what? Your concern is totally valid and there is a perfect solution for this. Because no one is brave enough to bring up this concern, stand up and do it yourself. But, we have to make sure that you have evidences because we do not know if they have someone in the management that will favor them. Secretly take a picture or a video of the violations that they commit. You need to have at least 5 records for each in different dates. Store them all and present them together with your complaints. This way the violators will not have any holes to escape. They will be caught right away and be reprimanded. Do not worry because once you get the sympathy of the management, you will definitely get all the protections you need.

Harsh Bosses

Leaders have different approach when it comes to disciplining members. One of which is the military style. In this type of leadership, you can get all the harsh treatment you can possibly get from your boss. But mostly, it's only verbal. So when you do something that can affect the performance of the company, for instance, expect to get harsh criticisms in front of other employees. Now, if you are new to this or you're that someone who is against to this approach, you will surely get hurt and act on it. If you find out that this is already a culture in the company, the best move is to get a lawyer who specializes in labor law and file a complaint against the company for undue labor practices.