How to Cope up with Depression

How to Cope up with Depression

Come up with a schedule for the day.

When you are depressed, you are weak and you feel like you can't do anything; that you just don't like to do anything for the day. What's all in your mind is the problem and you keep it running through your head. Now, one of the ways to avoid that is by coming up a schedule for the day. What are you going to do? It's like a mini-itinerary wherein you can include your usual daily activities like taking a bath or eating breakfast. This is because, again, when you're depressed, you essentially loss the interest in almost everything around you including your own self. And, by setting a daily list of activities you can start to have that direction again and walk through it every day.

Set the day with a goal.

Having this objective can help you get back on track. It awakens that dizzy or sleepy mode in you. It encourages you to stand up and give it a try once more. It sets your mind into something. In other words, you have something to look forward to at the end of that day to spark hope and inspiration.

Start an active lifestyle.

When you exercise, your body releases chemical called endorphins, which can actually make you feel good and better each day. Also, an active lifestyle helps your brain align itself with positivity so you start to have that hope again, which you must continuously nurture. But, what kind of exercise should you start with? Having a few minutes of walk or walkathon everyday is already good. And you have a lot of options to make this happen. If your office is just a walking distance then walk. Whenever it only takes a few walk to get to where you are going, then please do so. Another way is to use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. But of course, if you have enough time to exercise, then going to a gym and get a personal trainer is highly recommended.

Eat healthy foods.

Exercise would be useless if you don't pair it with a healthy and balanced diet. This especially goes to those who tend to eat a lot when depressed. Instead of eating whatever you want just so you feel better for a while, learnt to be watchful and go for omega-3 fatty acid rich foods like tuna. Another is taking in folic acid by eating spinach, avocado and more. These foods are proven and tested to alleviate depression.

Sleep well.

Sleeping well means that you do not only have enough sleep like 5 to 8 hours each day in the case of adults but you have that uninterrupted kind of rest. This is because when you're depressed, closing your eyes to sleep can be very difficult and if you do, you get distracted easily. Even if you only hear like a tick of the clock, you are already awakened. In other words, you have that very sensitive sleeping pattern when you are depressed. In order to make sure that you can sleep well, take away all the distractions such as TV, computer, mobile phone and other gadgets. You can also try playing soothing or relaxing music in your room.

Try to feel responsible.

Think of things wherein you can feel a sense of responsibility that you can take as a challenge everyday. Taking on challenges is actually effective in gaining back the confidence that you've lost. This is because through this, you can feel a sense of accomplishment that can slowly help overcome your depression. If you have kids, you can volunteer to take them to and from the school to get that sense of responsibility. If you are single, on the other hand, you can join non-profit organizations in realizing their community projects. At work, you can volunteer to plan your team outing and be responsible of the activities in stored for everyone.

Go to your doctor.

Medical practitioners can advise you on the best medicine or supplement to take to alleviate your feeling. They will also conduct a general health check in order to make sure that they give you only the most appropriate recommendations. There have been many supplements in the market today that are proven to be effective in fighting depression like fish oil.

Try something different.

Is there something that you want to try but you just don't have the time to do it before? This is the best moment to do that. If you are depressed, go for something new like climbing mountains, cooking, and other activities that you haven't tried ever before. When you actually do something different or new in your life, the dopamine in your brain is awakened, which in turn arouses your interest, makes you feel great, and gives you pleasure or enjoyment.

Start a healthy living.

If you smoke or drink, it is recommended that you stop or quit from this forever. Smoking cigar and drinking alcoholic beverages do not help alleviate or cure your depression. The pleasure that they give is only temporary. If you get drunk, for example, it will only leave you with hangover.

Have fun.

Limiting yourself inside your room can worsen your depression. It makes you think of the negative information more. So, it is best to go out. Hang out with your friends, go and see a movie or eat out with them. As much as possible, you have to surround yourself with the people who always support or encourage you, the people who are always positive towards you. You need moral support from your family and friends.