How to Care for a Sweater

How to Care for a Sweater

Mating socks and tossing underwear in a drawer are great beginner skills to master along the road to learning proper maintenance of your own wardrobe. Caring for a sweater is a more sophisticated undertaking. Here are my favorite tips and tricks.

1 Sweaters should be folded. Don't hang sweaters on hangers or hooks because the fibers will become misshapen, stretched out, and eventually damaged permanently.

2 Sweaters should be groomed regularly. Use a clean baby hairbrush to remove lint, hair, and dandruff. To get rid of pills, purchase a small shaver or handheld depilling machine. Or, you can pick them off by hand, one at a time.

3 Sweaters require timely repairs. When zippers break, buttons are lost or broken, or holes appear, make the fixes right away. Unchecked holes will only get bigger.

4 Sweaters last longer when dry-cleaned or hand-washed. This is especially true of sweaters made from animal fibers.

5 Sweaters require careful off-season storage. Stow your sweaters in dustproof bags layered with sachets of lavender, cedar chips, or dried bay leaves to keep them smelling nice. Make sure all sweaters are freshly washed and completely dry before storing to keep unseen stains from becoming permanent. These tips will also help to deprive hungry moths of meals.