First Aid Treatment for a Knocked-Out Tooth

First Aid Treatment for a Knocked-Out Tooth

A blow to the face or mouth can result in an adult tooth becoming dislodged and falling out. A knocked-out adult tooth is a dental emergency and requires prompt treatment from a dental professional in order to save the tooth. Be aware that other injuries may exist in a victim with a knocked-out tooth. A direct blow to the face or the jaw can cause a fracture to the bones in the face. When dealing with a knocked-out tooth, your main aim is to try to save the tooth to enable its reimplantation by a dentist.

The best place for a knocked-out tooth is back in the socket; however, if this is not possible, then milk can be used to preserve the damaged tooth. In some cases, a knocked-out tooth can be swallowed or even go into the victim's airway. If this occurs, the victim will need urgent medical assistance in order to find and remove the tooth.

First Aid Treatment for a Knocked-Out Tooth

1. Hold the tooth by the upper half (crown). Do not touch the bottom half (root) of the tooth.

2. If the tooth is visibly dirty, briefly wash with running water; however, do not scrub the tooth or use soap.

3. If possible, place the knocked-out tooth back into the socket. Do not force the tooth in if you feel resistance or the victim experiences significant pain.

4. If unable to replace the tooth, place it in cold milk to preserve it until dental help can be sought.

5. If cold milk is not available, place the tooth in cold water, although this is less effective than milk in preserving the tooth.

6. Seek emergency dental help as soon as possible to give the victim the best chance of having the tooth reimplanted.