36 Iphone/IOS Hacks You Should Know

36 Iphone/IOS Hacks You Should Know

1. Hacks with Siri

a. You can know the tweets of your friends without even opening the application. You can do this by asking Siri, "What's (Twitter account name) saying?"

b. You can obtain detailed information about available planes and flights by asking Siri, "Planes overhead?"

c. You can play and control Spotify by setting up the account.

d. You can ask direction by using "via transit" to come up with Google maps instead of the Apple maps.

2. Shaking your iPhone from side to side will erase your mistake and you can start typing again.

3. To have a personalized password other than the four digit default pin, proceed to the Settings, choose General, then select Passcode Lock and then choose Turn Off Simple Passcode. You can now enter your new password.

4. If you like to encode numbers without shifting to the number keys, just hold the 123 key and then slide the numbers you will use.

5. You can view your most visited locations by going to the Settings, choosing Privacy, and then Location Services.

6. To adjust the brightness of your phone's screen light, just go to Settings, and then choose General, select Accessibility and choose Turn on Invert Colors.

7. For taking multiple photos quickly, just press and hold your cameras shutter button.

8. To avoid unnecessary downloading or purchasing when others are using your phone, just proceed to Settings, then General, select Accessibility and the choose Turn on Guided Access.

9. To type different website suffixes automatically, just press and hold your phone's full stop key to open up that option.

10. You are able to take pictures with the volume button on your phone and the + volume key on your earphones.

11. You can use a blue tooth keyboard for typing.

12. You can control the video and audio scrubbing by dragging the bar to your desired part.

13. You can see the time stamp on the messages by simply sliding to the left of a conversation.

14. Your keyboard can be switched to thumb mode for a more comfortable typing experience. You can do this by swiping two fingers through the keyboard. You can also choose the "dock and merge" key that is located on the bottom right corner of your keyboard and then drag it up.

15. Putting your phone to airplane mode will enable it to charge two times faster.

16. You can try to use the Google Maps offline when you are travelling abroad. While you still have an internet access, search the location that you need. Enter "ok maps" for it to be cached when you use it offline.

17. Slide from left to the right on the screen of the Calculator app to delete any extra zeroes.

18. You can open your Camera application without unlocking the iPhone. Just swipe on the camera icon that you will find in the bottom right part of your home screen.

19. The Compass application has a level gauge that is built-in. Just open the app and then swipe going to the left to go to the level screen.

20. To easily move on top of the application you are working on, simply tap on the top bar.

21. You can put in more application to the home page and put additional folders for you to be able to access your apps easily.

22. You can tap your space bar two times when you are at the end of a sentence. This will automatically put a period and then a space and the next letter will be capitalized.

23. You can move to the previous or next track with the use of your earphones' remote. Pressing once will play or pause it, pressing twice will move to the next track and pressing three times will let you move to the former track.

24. You can switch between numeric and alpha keyboard by clicking the 123 keys and then sliding up the character and when you release the key, its screen will switch automatically to alpha keyboard.

25. To remove banner notifications, swipe the notification from right to left.

26. For auto-correction, type an extra character when you are spelling a contraction.

27. You can reduce the motion by going to Settings, and then General, choose Accessibility and then Reduce Motion. This makes folder zooms switch to simple cross-fades, thus making it appear that the movement is faster.

28. You can edit your mailboxes by ticking on the mailboxes that you like to see and arrange them according to your preference.

29. You can share your photos with iCloud. You can easily share images and photos to other iCloud accounts.

30. You can hide the apps that are not always being used on a second page of a folder.

31. You can define spelling errors with the auto-correct function. Just proceed to the General, then Keyboard and move to shortcuts. You can now enter most of your misspelled words.

32. You can add several fingerprints on your Touch ID. You can use both your index and thumb fingers.

33. You can connect an external microphone for a better audio quality by using a USB hub with power. This can be done especially when you are conducting interviews or for voice editing.

34. Using your jail broken phone, you can rename Bluetooth devices just by editing one file.

35. You can make visual speed dial icons right on your home screen.

36. You can automatically dial and save phone extensions on your phone. The hacks, tips and tricks presented are helpful for you iPhone and iPad users. Some of you may not be aware of those hacks. Now you have every chance to maximize the functions of your gadget.